Aevitas is proud to announce our appointment to build a new head office for Novartis – one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Situated in Waterfall City, Midrand, the building will be a contemporary architectural statement that brings together various business units within the group and helps streamline interaction and communication between staff.

The building is designed to integrate seamlessly with the fabric of the city and encourage pedestrian movement to, from and around the building. One of the key
features of the building is the ground floor podium which is designed to raise the building above natural ground level giving it a real and clear presence. A grand staircase that merges the pedestrian walkway with the podium starts to blur the lines between public and private space resulting in an elegant and functional response to the building’s context.

The environmental sustainability of the building was of utmost importance to both the developer and the tenant. Double-glazing, rain water harvesting, PV panels and Ice Storage for the HVAC system are just some of the measures employed to ensure that we achieve a Silver LEED rated building.


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